I, Robot

 This story is told in Dr. Susan Calvin’s perspective of robots. As years go on she has been there to see the inventions of new robots. In addition, she has the authorization to test these new robots abilities such as mind reading. Although these robots can become complex over time, she has managed to remain in control of these robots. Employees, Donovan and Powell, are the actual people to go into the field to interact with these robots. Sometimes it may get out of hand to where the robots are in control, but in the end they always have the upper hand. Towards the end of the story it seemed as if us humans couldn’t handle the robots any longer, so now the machines are in control of how our future plays out.
 I learned that even the most innovative creations can backfire such as these advanced robots. You also have to be prepared for the most tragic outcome, no matter what the case may be. Also when making such advanced technology you should hope for the best, but expect for the worst. In other words, although you want your creation to work and be beneficial to human society, be prepared and expect for it not to work so you can fix the problem until you are satisfied with your overall product.